26th March 2017

Well done to all of Swallows for their grade results over the last few weeks. Amazing results.

A quick round up from today:

Grade 6 – aged 8yrs:

Mia – 3rd overall
Nicola – 9th overall
Teigan – 15th overall
Lily-May – 16th overall
Jessica – 21st overall

Grade 6 – aged 9/10 yrs:

Ava – 1st overall
Grace – 4th overall
Amelia – 7th overall
Amy – 13th overall

Our grade 4 girls have no positions as they were guests today due to qualifying as core proficiency coaches when their grades competed.

Grade 1 – aged 15+

Beth – 3rd overall

Grade 3 – aged 11/12 yrs

Georgia – 14th overall

Grade 3 – aged 13+

Scarlett – 5th overall

Fab job coaches and gymnasts

26th March 2017

A huge congratulations to all the girls who have just competed grade 6 and passed with distinction. A special mention to Mia who got 3rd overall in her age group and to Ava who is grade 6 9/10 years county champion. Both girls are off to regional finals in may. Well done all!

12th March 2017

What a fab start to grades. Well done to all gymnasts and coaches.. as a quick rundown so far….

Grade 4:

Keeley 3rd overall
Mackenzie 5th overall

Emma 11th overall
Isabelle 20th overall
Lucy 21st overall

Grade 2:

Jessica 10th overall

Grade 5:

Layla 6th overall
Erin 18th overall
Suraya 22nd overall

Charley 2nd overall
Megan 12th overall
Holly 13th overall

Esme 5th overall

Fab start to the grades season. Well done to all!