November 2010

November marks our Annual Club Competition time and a chance for our girls to show their parents their progress in a friendly environment. Below are the results from each age group. Thank you to all those invloved in the day, Gymnasts, Parents, Judges and Coaches, it was lovely to see so many smiles.

In under 8’s: Mya Ellwood 1st, Alyssa Setoudeh 2nd, Leah Cash 3rd overall.
Vault – Ellen Thompson, Beth South then Hali Deer.
Bars – Hali Deer, Alyssa Setoudeh then Mya Ellwood.
Beam – Mya Ellwood, Alyssa Setoudeh then Leah Cash.
Floor – Leah Cash, Elisa Pickles then Beth South and Alyssa Setoudeh joint.

Under 11’s: Sydney Moyse 1st, Kelsey Moyse 2nd, then Amelia Daniel 3rd overall.
Vault – Kelsey Moyse, Sydney Moyse then Amelia Daniel.
Bars – Sydney Moyse, Kelsey Moyse then Amelia Daniel.
Beam – Sydney Moyse, Abi Turner then Jade Howard.
Floor – Kelsey Moyse, Sydney Moyse then Amelia Daniel.

Over 11’s: Caitlin Boyle 1st, Nikita Westlake 2nd then Paige Boyle 3rd overall.
Vault – Nikita Westlake, Georgina Reardon then Caitlin Boyle.
Bars – Caitlin Boyle, Nikita Westlake then Georgina Reardon.
Beam – Caitlin Boyle, Robyn Daniel, Georgina Reardon and Nikita Westlake all joint 2nd.
Floor – Paige Boyle, Ella-Mae Potter then Caitlin Boyle.

Gymnast of Year 2011 – Paige Boyle
Most Improved Gymnast 2011 – Amelia Daniel
Most Promising Gymnast 2011 – Mya Ellwood
Senior Ellwood Beam Champion – Caitlin Boyle
Junior Ellwood Beam Champion – Mya Ellwood
Artistry Cup Champion – Ella-Mae Potter